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Review Quotes

“It’s impossible not to be charmed by the clever blend of comedy and song, which celebrates in the zaniest possible way the playfulness of children, while giving them a rather sophisticated glimpse into the world of music.” Cameron Woodhead, The Age, 3 October 2014


"Still awake still! one of the most precious children's shows I've ever seen." 
Kate Ceberano, Tweet 14 June 2014 


"the audience was mesmerised...wonderfully inventive and very entertaining…a brilliant example of how to engage a young audience" Anna Solding,, 16 June 2014


"[Carolyn Connors] is an artist in absolute control...exhilaratingly whimsical piece of clowning…inspired and energetic…the children were enthralled and energised…wonderfully silly. Cabaret for kids? Only if it's as good as this."  Ewart Shaw, Adelaide Advertiser, 15 June 2014


“a fabulously entertaining and funny sort of ‘kids’ cabaret’’
Gordana Andjelic-Davila, ArtsHub, October 2011


“’cabaret’ doesn’t begin to convey its giddy spirit”

“so much for sleep … no one snoozes”

“terrific physical comedians ... about as soporific as Robin Williams doing stand-up on amphetamines”

“worthy of a teeming unconscious … [Miss Tinklefinger] does unleash some extraordinary dreams”

 Laurel Graeber, New York Times, 17 January 2014


 “Each time the hysteria threatens to get out of hand, [Carolyn Connors] draws the children back in ... with the ease of a pantomime veteran”
Andrew Purcell, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, 1 February 2014


"this madcap cabaret will have you wishing bedtime could always be this fun"
Mary Rose Lloyd, Director of Artistic Programming New Victory Theatre, New York

Audience Responses

“Different, incredibly remarkable … an amazing piece of art … Seriously, a thousand bravos”,
New York parent


“It was child friendly with child humour that made our whole family laugh throughout the performance. And the music was excellent!” New York parent


“Truly a show for all the family ... this one sets a benchmark." Mike Shuttleworth,
Program Manager, Melbourne Writers' Festival


“I enjoyed the show immensely. The performers were really excellent and the kids in the audience were fantastic.”  Mary Vallentine, CEO Melbourne Recital Centre


“Wonderful performances, lush to look at and, of course, the glorious music. Perfect.
A memorable theatrical experience”  Melbourne parent


"Is that what imagination looks like?"  Melbourne child


“What a fabulous show. So funny. And it is so clever in the language, music and visuals that it can travel anywhere! The final scene is a treasure.”
Ann James and Ann Haddon, Books Illustrated, Melbourne


“A delicious mix of wonderful music, masterful performances and mad-cap hilarity.” 
What Shall We Do Today? blog


"The best kids show I've seen since I began taking my kids to shows ten years ago. It was beautifully acted, exciting and genuinely funny.”  Melbourne parent

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