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Still Awake Still!

Starring Carolyn Connors, Dan Witton and Renato Vacirca


Deviser/Director, Jessica Wilson

Musical Director/Composer, Sue Johnson

Lyricist, Elizabeth Honey

Designer, Jonathon Oxlade

Lighting Designer, Phil Lethlean

Tour Lighting Designer, Sam Doyle


Devised by Jessica Wilson with the collaborating artists

Inspired by songs from the book I’m Still Awake, Still!

by Elizabeth Honey and Sue Johnson

‘It’s impossible not to be charmed by the clever blend of comedy and song which celebrates in the zaniest possible way the playfulness of children, while giving them a rather sophisticated glimpse into the world of music.’

Cameron Woodhead, The Age, 3 October 2014

Miss Ivory Tinklefinger, Queen of Sleep, is hired to sing the audience to sleep, but tonight her music has a mind of its own.
Her lullabies come alive in an anarchic show that emerges like magic from under the lid of her ingenious grand piano. The consequences are wild – and irresistible to children and adults alike.


It’s visual theatre that sometimes feels like an opera and sometimes like a comedy. It's rich and beautiful, abstract and ridiculous. It’s genre-defying and absolutely empowering for children. We want them to feel a part of the show.’ Director Jessica Wilson


Perfect for children 4-10 and their families.

  Tour History   

Melbourne premiere, Arts Centre Melbourne, 2011

New York premiere, New Victory Theater, 2014

USA tour to NY, Pittsburgh, Fayetteville, Costa Mesa, 2014

Australian tour to 23 venues, 2014

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  For tour info 2018 onwards  

Contact the Producers: Jessica Wilson or Rosalind Price  

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