Drawing, painting, printmaking and playing with organic materials – I use whatever is on hand to explore visual responses to the world. My focus tends to be on place: landscape and cityscape, domestic and public, familiar and foreign, internal and external. I fill sketchbooks on my travels around Australia and further afield.


I’m intrigued by the way we project our desires onto the physical world, and how the world pushes back - affecting our bodies and our moods, attracting or repelling, sustaining and destroying. I ponder the experience of being 'a part of nature yet apart from nature'.


My earlier professional life as a publisher of books for young people, working closely with authors and artists, fuelled my interest in the power of images to stir emotions, evoke place, and enrich narrative. My current involvement with music and theatre also exerts a subtle influence on my approach to visual art.




2018  Flow, Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery, Gasworks Arts Park, Port Melbourne


2019  Dark Pulse, with photographer Janie Forbes,

Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery, Gasworks Arts Park, Port Melbourne

2015  Melbourne Storeys, City Library Gallery, Flinders Lane, Melbourne

2013  In Place Of…, Collingwood Gallery, Smith Street, Fitzroy


2016  Who Is Looking At You? Cambridge Studio Gallery Portrait

Prize Exhibition

2013  Albert Park Art Show

2013  Linden Gallery Postcard Show, Acland Street, St Kilda

2011  Break Out, Gipps Street Gallery, Melbourne



Director, Pixel Seed Fund

Director, Swingbridge Arts | Jump Leads Productions

2013 Diploma of Visual Art, CAE

1985 - 2009 Publisher of Books for Children & Teenagers, Associate Director, Allen & Unwin




If you'd like to comment on the work, ask questions, or enquire about works for sale, do contact me:  mail@rosalindprice.com      

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